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Not Mr.Bush
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Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
12:00 pm
About COB in brief
It can hardly be a secret that the modern civilization has createв a vast amount of different problems connected not only with ecology and biospherical crises – in the social life one can see no kind of well-being. And the matter is not only in somebody’s personal activities on depressing the biosphere and other people – the matter is in passivity, inactivity of others! And moreover, aims announced by a government often differ greatly from ones that the government really has. However, such a ruling (when the aims being achieved really differ from those, which a state power pretend to work for; and the aims achieved remain unknown even after their achievement; in the same time the aims declared are called “temporarily unachieved” because of some problemsWell, but “a problem preventing from achievement of some goal” from another point of view can be an aim of ruling realized by other subjects. ) cannot have place save in the society of people completely ignorant in politics and ruling. And such phrases as “But what can I done being alone?” which are told by the millions, or “Let the guys from the White House make people’s life better” cannot help to solve the problems. They just shows one’s agreement with the situation existing – they shows that one is agree to be ruled; that he or she is agree that some “elite” lives better than others even without any reasons for this; that he or she is agree not to understand how the society lives as if his or her own life were independent from the life of the humankind in whole. But things don’t go such way.

Every society is managed in one way or another, and therefore the global historical process may be perceived as a global process of ruling which, at the first place, comprises many processes of regional ruling (policies of regional states and international policies, forces which are not institutionalised within state: mafias, Jewish diaspora); secondly, it proceeds within life processes of the Earth and Space, standing higher than it in the hierarchy.

The theoretical basis of the Conception of Social Security (COBCOB - is the transliteration of the Russian abbreviation for the Conception of Social Security. ) is the Sufficiently Universal Theory of Ruling (DOTU) (one can generalize forever, but is there a reason for doing it? DOTU is sufficiently universal for describing any process of ruling or self-ruling with its terms). Accordingly to the Sufficiently Universal Theory of Ruling all means of ruling can be divided into general groups which are hierarchically displaced from the most effective to the less one. Such instruments of influence on society, whose reasonable use allows controlling its life and death, are:Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
8:21 pm
G8 Summit in Strelna
1. The transformation of G7 into G8: goals and result
2. G7 or UN -> Gx + UN?

As a result of the annual G8 summit that took place in the suburb of St-Petersburg in July 14-17 for the first sight the world’s atmosphere hasn’t changed a lot. That’s why many analysts consider this summit to be just a protocol arrangement, combined with a “picnic” for the heads of the states and governments, that doesn’t lead to any global political consequences. The Mass Media’s attention was captured by the fact that during this summit V. Putin showed his “arrowy tongue”, dealing with an “attack” of western politicians and journalists on Russia, and the other members were afraid to become victims of his poignancy.
So the British newspaper “Times” published an article “Jokes backfire at G8 as leaders smart from Putin’s acid tongue ”.
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Friday, June 2nd, 2006
7:38 pm
The Da Vinci Code: Compilation and Start
The thoroughly roused interest to “The Da Vinci Code” makes one think over that Dan Brown’s “detective”, which is innocent at first sight, more seriously. Dan Brown’s name is promoted with all possible ways and they even don’t shrink from “black PR”. What’s the cause of such care? It’s evidently, that the novel’s appearance and the quickly made film on it are not accidental. All these events can be regarded as links of one chain. It can be like we are the spectators of another act of the World Performance called the Global Biblical Project. May be they are preparing us for coming of the World King, Sionic Moshiach (Mashiach) – the Messiah[1]? And whom should one start his Royal Genealogy from? Well, of course from Christ! All other kings – there aren’t much of them – will seem too little. It’s like to compare Bill Gates’s computer to one staying in Russian village school.

The highest mastery level here is to make all biblical project participants work for you. So, be sure, on the certain day all of them will forget their quarrels and “ideological” contradictions. They will join the ranks of Moshiach – their master. Processes of integration in different Christian Churches have become much more intensive of late – and it isn’t accidental as well.

If to look attentively at the process, which is taking place, one can see two goals: the first is great and the second is lesser.

First: At the moment, when the humanity first time during its history has got a real possibility to compare substantially the teaching of Christ and historically formed “Christianity”, Vatican just had to reveal another version of the historically formed Christianity interpretation – thus it divided the Lie in two. All discussions of “The Da Vinci Code” either today’s or those, which are already paid in advance by world mass media, will raise a question like following: whether all this new information is able to influence on the now-existing Church and its Dogmas or not? In Russia as usually “puppeteers” of “Moscow Echo” radio channel formed the public discussion trends, and then masses began discussing what had “Moscow Echo” told… Surely there are such radio channels that discuss and impose their opinion on every event of social importance.

Second: Vatican demonstrates that “keys from Pandora's box” (i.e. the Christianity interpretation) belong to Vatican, to the Catholic Church, but not to Byzantium neophytes with its followers like the Russian Orthodox Church. With all this Vatican says: forget everything and hear us, and if not – you will fall down your place when we press the button. It’s like blackmail, but who could ever know that “children sects” in a name of Christ would throw aside all restraint one day?

The film is just another “smoke screen”, which goal is to interrupt and stop all discussions on Jeschua[2]-Jesus’s own teaching. Why should one learn the truth if it is better to mystify the crowd a little…

And now it’s time to habituate the crowd to the fact that Christ has direct descendants… Are you still surprised by this, dear reader? Be sure – during several next years you will hear about Christ’s descendants so often, that many of us will get accustomed to them as to their own relatives. A creation of myth takes a lot, mainly a lot of money and time. But as a result the final product will glare with all colours! A new myth will range with great myths about Holocaust, the Golden Calf, the Market Economy, the Liberalism, the Loan Interest, Jehovah, the Democracy… A new myth about the World King who doesn’t need any “anointing for reign”, since he is the “direct descendant of God” and he can “anoint” anybody himself. You see, the Council in Nicaea stated the very such fact by its formula of the Nicene Creed of believe in one God the Father Almighty, the only-begotten Son of God and the Holy Spirit. The links of the Biblical Project chain will close down like a slave’s collar.

1. For instance look here: http://www.sunnychabad.org/
2. Jeschua is Judaic name of Jesus, used by Mikhail Bulgakov in his famous novel “The Master and Margaret”. (Look here for instance http://cr.middlebury.edu/public/russian/Bulgakov/public_html/index.html)

from: The Da Vinci Code: Compilation and Start
Friday, January 20th, 2006
2:02 pm
It's cold outside!!!

Have a cup of hot drink and take care!!!
2:01 pm
The Last Gambit
Mystical-philosophical political detective story

Introduction. From Editors to a Reader
Part I. Holmes and Watson
Saturday morning. September 22, 2001. London
Part II. Watson’s investigation
Evening. September 22. Russian “picnics”
September 23 – 24. “Matrix”
September 25 – 30. Holmes’s books
Evening. October 4. Hotel “Woldorf” and “Flight 1812”
Part III. Holmes’s Investigation
September 22 – 27. Switzerland – Liechtenstein(Zurich – Vaduz – Geneva)
September 27 – October 4. Spain. Madrid – El Escorial
October 5 – 7. Egypt. Cairo
October 8 – 12. India. Bombay-Puttaparthi
Part IV. Holmes and Watson Again
Saturday morning. October 13. London
The principles of tandem activity

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2:00 pm
Ford and Stalin. How to Live in Humaneness
The Preface to the English Edition
Part I SOCIALLY USEFUL Management Principles Have Been Proclaimed Long Ago
1. Globalization as a Means to Counter Globalization
2. Henry Ford and Industrialization in the USSR
3. Marxism Talking on «Fordizm»
4. A Campaign for What: for Capitalism? Or for Socialism?
4.1. Humanism in Deed and in Word
4.2 What Guarantees the Ruin of Economy?
Digression 1: On System-Forming Delusions
Digression 2: The Axioms of Modern Economics
4.3. Fordizm — the First Advent of Bolshevism to America
Digression 3: Objective Rights and Subjective Laws
Digression 4: The Moral and Ethic Results of Bourgeois Reforms in Russia
4.4 The Ethics of Bolshevism: CONSCIENTIOUS Labor to the Welfare of Laborers
Digression 5: Directly Productive and Auxiliary Labor, Managerial Labor, Remuneration of Labor
Digression 6: Political Economy of the Industrial Civilization
4.5. Planned Economy of Bolsheviks is a Socialist Economy
Digression 7: The Post-Stalin USSR was an Anti-Socialist State
Part II Historical Experience of Bolshevism in 20th Century and its Prospects
5. Results of «Fordizm» as the American Attempt of Bolshevism in 20th Century
6. Essence and Results of Stalin’s Bolshevism
6.1. Distinct Terminology is the Key to Understanding the Epoch
6.2. On Hidden Motive of Revolutions of 1917
6.3. New Line of the «World Backstage»: Socialism at an Individual Country
6.4. Unpreparedness of Russia for Socialism and its Consequences
6.5. «Social Realism» as a Means of Overcoming the Power of Marxism
6.6. The «World Backstage» and Soviet Bolshevism in the Second World War of the 20th Century
6.7. How to Protect the Future from the «World Backstage»
6.8. Stalin’s Directions for the Future to Bolsheviks
6.8.1. Refuse Marxism
6.8.2. To Overcome the Atheism
6.8.3. To solve the problems
7. The Prospects of Bolshevism
SUPPLEMENTS 1. The Biblical Doctrine of Global Slavery
2. The interview with Joseph E. Shtiglits
Read more...Collapse )
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1:59 pm
1:59 pm
Сomment on the present situation, N10(October 2002)
Calling things by their proper names.

  1. What they urge to do in their appeals

  2. The essence of the Russian-Chechen relationship problem

  3. Jihad

  4. Every people has a government slightly better than it could have been

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1:58 pm
To Understanding of Macroeconomу of State and World
Both existing and possible economic theories may be ranged into one of the two following categories:

The first group of theories describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies the need to give the answer to the question how an entrepreneur can legally fill up his pockets.
The second group describes the economy of a society in a way, which implies that the economic activities in the society are to be used as a means of approaching some other, fundamentally noneconomic, goals.

  1. Introduction to the Topic

  2. On macroeconomics and microeconomics – in an objective and considerate way

    1. Target macroeconomic parameters and the macrolevel managerial tasks

    2. The purpose of finance-and-credit system and distortion of its functions

    3. What is what in credit-and-finance system. Credit-and-finance system as the means of production and distribution management

    4. Rates of exchange: relative and absolute

  3. Ownership

  4. Afterwards

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1:58 pm
Matrix DIFFERENT to “Matrix”
Matrix DIFFERENT to "Matrix"
(On the recipe of gaining "freedom", given in the "Matrix" movie)

1. Well, just another movie?
2. Hunt for the man and the issues of life and death
3. Mathematics and God’s Providence
4. Matrix control and management
5. About matrixes and aggregors
6. Freedom is in the Transformation of the contents, but not in change of wrappings

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1:58 pm
Egoist is like one sitting for long in a well
Global sociology as seen from the heights of the US "high" political analytics: on Z.Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard. American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives". — M. International Relations.1998.

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